At Screenfeed, we get a real charge out of solving a good content conundrum.

We had noticed a need for a content solution with longer dwell times in mind - a hole often filled with cable news or other ad-based content. The problem with cable is that it’s unfiltered and unpredictable, impossible to control. As for options billed as made-for-digital signage? They often feature incomplete, preview-type segments. Bummer for the audience. A lot of times, they also feature ads and branding from sponsorships that don’t boost the network’s bottom line - sometimes they’re even competitor ads. Yuck.

(Honest question)


Well you know the saying, “If you don’t see a door, build one?”

We did exactly that.

Welcome to Entertainment Center, a brand new service that houses a wide variety of fun, informative, fully-licensed, short form video content built to feast your eyes. With Entertainment Center, we’ve curated an entire library of complete video content that will not only earn audience’ll entertain them too. (Hence the name)


From hypnotizing food videos, the latest drama in Hollywood, the best in sports and tech, to essentials like weather and news, this brand new service is built to engage people of all ages and interests. There are several topics and options to choose from, making it easy to cater to a variety of audiences. In addition to sports, entertainment, food, tech, and weather, our library also includes wellness videos, an autoblog, a channel just for kids, and more!Entertainment Center provides a brand new way to access video content for your network from Screenfeed. There are subscribable (yep, it’s a word), pre-curated playlists to help you quickly find videos that best fit your audience. Do they like pop culture and celebrity gossip? Or maybe they’re more into cooking videos? Do you have kids in your dwell space? We can also work with you directly to make your own! Either way, you’ll find what you need to take care of your audience.

Entertainment Center content, updates automatically, which is nice. (Unless you’re a fan of micromanagement - to each his own) We even took measures to ensure audio levels remain consistent from video to video - whether it’s a rip-roaring Red Bull action sports montage or a mild-mannered weather forecast.


We think Entertainment Center is a great option for anyone looking to fill their screens with long dwell times and support audio. Engaging, interesting, consistent, and safe, Entertainment Center is the solution to give you the control you need without the hassle of managing it on an ongoing basis. If you’re interested in learning more, check it out here and give us a call!

And now, on with the show.